Welcome! (About me)

This is me

Picture by Karen Peeraerts

Being curious, I like to try out and discover new things…

Almost two years ago some friends told me that I noticed a lot in my surroundings they did not, and suggested I should buy a camera to take pictures of what I saw.

So, after some thinking, I bought a hybrid camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ62). (I also use my lovers Canon Eos 350D)

Arround that time I was stuck at home felled down by fibromyalgia. I really needed something to do and to occupy my mind, while recovering. Adding one and one together, photography lessons seemed a good idea.

By the end of 2013 I started following classes at Wisper to learn more about the technical aspects of photography. I was really enthusiastic and enrolled also in the courses about manual and creative photography.

Right now I have a lot of theoretical baggage, but I really want to learn how to play with it and find my own style. Getting feedback and tips seems essential to me in that process. That is the reason why I created this blog.

Other things you need to know about me? I’m romantic, critical, impulsive, social, stubborn and a bit of a rascal (I like to tease). Further I like a.o.: dancing, music, food, writing, vintage clothing, reading a good book and anime.