Kaneel | Taco | Snow

Photographing someone else’s pets in- or outside really isn’t easy…

Meet Kaneel (Cinnamon) the cat…

Dog Taco, unlike Kaneel, I found really difficult to photograph; constantly moving (and fast), black fur (on a white background), … I tried bracketing (with the black-white contrast in mind), continuous shooting, exposure compensation (for the black fur) continuous focus, … in A-mode. Still it seems I didn’t manage a good shot where Taco looks “natural”.

While outside I also made a backlit scene in the snow.


Ready for 2015

Best wishes for 2015; I really hope it will be a year in which your dreams become tangible.

My good resolution for this year (concerning this blog): create at least one new post each month with (a) photograph(s).

Picture by Benoit Gevaert

Picture by Benoit Gevaert

A picture of me in my New Year’s outfit; my grandmother made me a most happy “girl” that day by adding her fur scarf to it and making the scarf a gift. Did I already mention I love retro/vintage clothing? 😉