October Sun

Yesterday we – my love, the kids and I – went Geocaching for the first time. I took my camera along; somewhere between buying a house and organising the move, taking pictures wasn’t on my mind. But now – some free time with the family and sunny weather – there was nothing to keep me from it.

We went walking in the late afternoon, so the sun was already pretty low and casted a beautiful light on the trees. I tried capturing that light through some leaves.


The Climbing Fish

In September I didn’t shoot a lot of pictures. None at all actually. I did work on something else though 🙂

I got the opportunity to design a logo and to participate in building a website for the company of one of my best friends, Marina De Roover. It was an entirely new experience for me; a fun and interesting one!

The idea for the logo was a walking fish with a ladder under its fin.

The first draft looked like this:

TCF_Logo_Draft I

After that a lot of similar drawings followed. – I think I could have covered the floor of my working space with them… – The result was this final drawing:

TCF_Logo_Final Draft

With the help of Ken Brabands – my brother – and Benoit Gevaert, who can work magic with o.a. Illustrator, the logo took its final form.

The Climbing Fish_Logo

I know it’s a bit … euhm… – can’t find the right word, but in Dutch they say ‘eigen lof stinkt’, which literally translates as ‘own praise stinks’ – but I can’t help feeling proud when I see it.

Starting a Photography Blog

About a month ago I was thinking about starting a photography blog. And after a few days  of work, spread over a couple of weeks, here it is!

One of the reasons I started a blog is to keep shooting photo’s so I don’t get rusty and stop doing it now my photography course has ended.

The main reason I created this blog however is to get feedback and tips of other photographers. While following the course I noticed that that is one of the best ways to  improve my skills and find my own style.

So hereby I warmly invite everyone to view, comment on, … my photos! Have fun!

Kris Photographing
Picture by Wiske De Lil